Academic Vocabulary In Use

This English ebook is for anyone who wants or needs to learn the kind of English which is used in academic contexts. It deals with the kinds of language used […]

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This English ebook is for anyone who wants or needs to learn the kind of English which is used in academic contexts. It deals with the kinds of language used in academic textbooks and articles as well as in lectures and seminars. It also presents vocabulary relating to being a student at a university or college in that it covers such topics as Applications and application forms, Money and education and Academic courses associated with university life. It will be particularly useful for students preparing for IELTS or any other examination aimed at assessing whether candidates’ English is at a high enough level to study in an academic institution where English is the medium of instruction. It will be helpful for people who need to attend – or indeed give – lectures and presentations in English or to participate in international conferences. It will enable students who have to prepare assignments or write up a dissertation in English to do so in a much more natural and appropriate way.

The book presents and practises the kind of vocabulary that is used in academic speech and writing regardless of which discipline you are concerned with. So it considers words and expressions like concept, cast doubt on, put forward a theory and come to a conclusion. It does not deal with the specialist vocabulary of any particular subject such as mcdicine or physics. Such specialist terms are often relatively easy to master – they will be explained and taught as you study the subject and these words may indeed sometimes be similar in English and your own language. However, it is the more general words used for discussing ideas and research and for talking and writing about academic work that you need to be fully familiar with in order to feel comfortable in an academic environment. Despite the fact that they are much more frequent than specialist words, these more general words are often felt to be more difficult to learn. It is, therefore, extremely useful to approach them in the systematic way suggested by this book.

One positive aspect of this kind of academic vocabulary is that there are relatively few differences depending on whether you are studying in London or New York, Delhi or Sydney, Johannesburg, Dublin, Wellington, Singapore or Toronto or indeed any other place where you may be using English for academic purposes. Academic English tends to be a truly international language and the units of the book focus on vocabulary that will be essential for you regardless of where you are studying now or may study in the future. There are some differences between the words used to describe people and places and these are highlighted in Units 18 and 19. References 3 and 4 also focus on some vocabulary and spelling variations. In the units of the book we use British English spelling conventions except when quoting texts which originally used American spelling.


Academic Vocabulary In Use là cuốn sách từ vựng tiếng anh cho những ai cần học tiếng anh sử dụng trong các ngữ cảnh học thuật. Kiểu ngôn ngữ được dùng trong sách giáo khoa, các bài viết và trong các bài thuyết trình hội thảo. Cuốn sách trình bày và thực hành các loại từ vựng được sử dụng trong bài phát biểu học tập và viết bất kể kỷ luật bạn đang quan tâm. Vì vậy, nó xem xét các từ và cụm từ như khái niệm, nghi ngờ, đưa ra một lý thuyết và đi đến kết luận.

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