The English Pronunciation in Use Elementary

For student:

The English Pronunciation in Use Elementary course – book and CDs, or book and cassettes – is to help you with your English pronunciation.  You will need a cassette or CD player to listen to the recordings.  It will be useful if you can record your own voice, so that you can listen to your own pronunciation and hear your progress. When you are studying individual sounds it is sometimes useful to have a mirror, so that you can see the shape of your mouth and compare it with the diagrams in the book.

You can simply study the units from 1 to 50, or you can alternate units from different sections. For example, you could do Unit 1, then Unit 28, then Unit 33, then Unit 44, then Unit 2, and so on. If you want to focus your work more closely, you can look at the Guide for speakers of specific languages in Section E2. This tells you which units are most important for speakers of different languages. In Section A, if you have problems hearing the difference between individual sounds, go to the Sound pair indicated.

When you are working with the recordings, you should replay a track as often as you need to. When you are doing an exercise you may also need to pause the recording after each sentence to give yourself time to think or write your answer. When you are asked to repeat single words, there is a space on the recording for you to do this, but when you are repeating whole sentences you will need to pause the recording to give yourself enough time to repeat.

For teacher:

English Pronunciation in Use Elementary has been written so that it can be used for self-study, but it will work equally well in the classroom. The advantages of working on pronunciation in the classroom include the following points.

  • Learners can get guidance and immediate feedback from the teacher.
  • Learners can practise the dialogues and other exercises in pairs.
  • You can direct learners with particular pronunciation difficulties to do specific units on their own or in small groups, if appropriate.

In order to make the material accessible to learners, terminology has been kept as simple as possible. The remainder of this Introduction describes how the course is organised, and it is followed by a Map of the contents using standard terminology.

English Pronunciation in Use Elementary progresses from individual sounds, through sequences of sounds, and stress in words, to intonation patterns in phrases and sentences. Of course, as soon as learners begin to speak English, they need to begin to develop control of all these features in parallel, but the step-by-step, incremental approach adopted here is designed to facilitate a clear progression and a clear focus on one thing at a time. Nevertheless, learners do not necessarily have to work their way through all the units in each section in sequence; they can alternate units from different sections.


Cuốn sách dạy phát âm tiếng anh: The English Pronunciation in Use Elementary của Cambridge University Press là cuốn sách không thể thiếu trong tủ sách tiếng anh của các bạn đang học tiếng anh.

Sách gồm 50 bài học phát âm dành cho các bạn từ trình độ cơ bản bao gồm các CD tiếng giúp các bạn nghe và thực hành kèm theo sau mỗi bài học. Hướng dẫn chi tiết cách phát âm của các âm tiếng Anh, cách phân biệt phát âm của các từ có âm, các âm khó, cốn sách dạy phát âm nay còn hướng dẫn các bạn cách học sao cho hiệu quả. Đây chắc chắn là cuốn sách tiếng anh hay dành cho các bạn học sinh và cả thầy giáo làm tài liệu tham khảo.

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